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Lose Weight, Get Fit, Sustain Your Results, and Live a Healthy Lifestyle.


LaCondra Mason is a Fitness Trainer and Nutrition Coach with Over 10 Years of Knowledge and Experience. 

She has a B.S. in Exercise Science and a passion for fitness and inspiring others to live a healthy lifestyle. 

In her training and coaching, she utilizes the proper, science based, training and nutrition principles to help her clients of all fitness levels reach their goals in a safe and sustainable way. 

She not only helps her clients reach their goals, but also strives to educate them through the process of their training/coaching so that they can maintain their progress and continue to live a healthier lifestyle. 

Her coaching style is a balance between gentleness and firmness. She believes in meeting her clients where they are physically, mentally, and emotionally, and coaching them according to their needs, while pushing them out of their comfort zones and holding them accountable every step of the way. 

Skip the Guesswork and Start Getting Results with a Customized Nutrition Plan Made Just for You!

With customized nutrition coaching you will get a plan that implements the right foods, the right amount of food, strategies, and habits that fit your needs, preferences, and goals. 

Along with the right plan, you will also get 1 on 1 coaching, guidance, support, and accountability so that you can get the most out of your plan. 

Get the right plan that fits you instead of trying to fit yourself into a plan.


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Get Fit, Leaner, and Stronger

with Detailed and Easy to Follow Workout Programs

Lose Weight, Burn Fat, Build Muscle,

and Get Fit with In Person Training

Here Is What Clients Are Saying About Their Training/Coaching

"I have lost weight, lost inches, and gained strength. LaCondra plans the workouts perfectly for what your goals are. She will encourage you daily, help you with a eating plan and suggesting foods to eat in place of others. The whole setup is perfect since I am not going to a gym. The app she uses for the exercising works great and is easy to follow. If you aren't sure of a move there is a video to show you. Very easy to understand and very user friendly. 10 stars!" - Deanna Smith

"She's great about detailing a plan that fits your lifestyle. She works at a pace you can handle but yet challenges you at the same time. I highly recommend for anyone serious about getting back in shape." -- Shawn Crenshaw

"LaCondra really cares when it comes to her clients. Throughout working together I have felt comfortable and like I was in the best hands. I've been so happy with my nutrition coaching and what I've learned about my body and it's needs while working together. I would absolutely recommend working with LaCondra to anyone!"

- Hannah Van Buren





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